A special order is anything that is not featured on the Omexom eStore.

Anything as simple as a pen that is different in colour or as complicated as producing a unique item from scratch. Please note that there are minimum production quantities required to proceed with the order.

When to do a Special Order

- A project that requires something custom that you cannot find within the pre-approved merchandise collection.
- Your quantity is large enough to do a custom order.
- You would like help finding the perfect merchandise to highlight your event, campaign, or project.

What you need to begin the process

- When: Specify a date on when you will need the merchandise
- Who: Exactly who will be receiving the item
- How Much: What is your budget?
- Where: Shipping address/addresses
- What: Items and themes in mind

Our Custom Order Services

- This website has been designed to generate ideas. https://www.markecreativemerchandise.com/en/produc...
- Our team will collaborate with you to find the right merchandise, develop and provide creative ideas (proofs and samples), provide pricing quotation, and timeline updates.